Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yahoo's Lack of Customer-Centricity

Hello Fellow Bloggers:

If you were wondering about the absence of the GamePlan Website last month, you were not alone. I was hosting my Website through Yahoo! and was paying them good money for it, month after month. Well, last month, Yahoo! decided to discontinue my Website and deactivated my accout without any advance warning, rhyme or reason. I must have made around fifty international calls, and written innumerable e-mails and faxes to try to get to the bottom of the problem.

Well, to cut a long and extremely frustrating story short, I did not get any response from Yahoo! except a few automated e-mails which did not do anything whatsoever to solve the problem. It was like renting a house from someone, paying them good rent on time every month, and then have them throw you out of the house and confiscate your property. I have lost all my GamePlan e-mails, all my gaming business contacts, and the material stored on the Yahoo! account. I have to start from scratch, and would appreciate all your help in redesigning my address book. If you could kindly provide your coordinates by writing to me at, I would really appreciate it. And oh, if you are with Yahoo! for any service whatsoever or are thinking of doing business with this company, please be extremely wary. This is not a company to be trusted with your data, patronage, and money. Hope you keep this blog going, and join me in getting the word out about Yahoo!